Close up photograph of team member Mr. Markos Shiapanis

Mr. Markos Shiapanis


Mr Shiapanis is the Chairman of MIBS Group global offices. He founded the company in 1972 and became a dominant force in the global business tourism industry. Mr Shiapanis can be characterized as a serial entrepreneur for his decades of involvement in MIBS Group Real Estate development, Tourism, Energy consulting, Press, Art Collection and other activities.

Throughout the years, he has established the firm as a leader in property development, transforming it into a powerful corporation while maintaining the core values of the family business.

Now led by the second generation of Shiapanis, the company remains loyal to its roots while being aligned with the current industry challenges. Mr Shiapanis continues to share his decades of expertise through his Board position as well as with business consultancy activity for many international firms in Greece and Russia.