Close up photograph of team member Elena Shiapani

Elena Shiapani

Chief Executive Officer

Elena Shiapani is the Chief Executive Officer of MIBS Group, dynamically driving the company’s investment strategy, overseeing international business endeavors, and leading corporate global expansion.

She holds a master's degree in Real Estate Finance & Valuation from Bayes Business School of London, formerly known as Cass Business School and a master's degree in Management from London Metropolitan University. The aforementioned academic foundation provides her with a deep understanding of the complex financial aspects of the real estate industry. At the heart of MIBS Group success, lies her management of the company’s real estate holdings and new investment initiatives. Her remarkable ability to acquire and control assets ensures the company's financial stability and growth.

Having a clear set of ethics and values, Elena Shiapani is in favor of transformational leadership and fosters open communication and equal opportunities. Her commitment to engaging with stakeholders ensures that corporate objectives are not just articulated but realized collectively.