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In the heart of Attica, where the past meets the present, Piraeus is emerging as a vibrant city, capturing the attention of residents and investors.

This vibrant city, strategically situated at the inception of the Athenian Riviera, is experiencing a metamorphosis that revolutionizes the real estate scene. From the Tower of Piraeus and the new hotels that have already been launched to the Municipal Theater, that is consistently the center of reference for cultural activity in the city and the new infrastructure and renovations, such as the one for the city’s central market, it is certain that Piraeus has recently evolved into one of the investment hotspots of Attica in tourism and real estate.

An Economic Hub, Talk of the Town

At the onset of the stunning Athenian Riviera, Piraeus is not just a city, it is a hub of economic activity, creating opportunities for those with a keen eye for real estate investments. The city's strong economic foundation, paired with its prime geographical location, establishes it as a lucrative hub for achieving substantial returns through real estate investments The important infrastructure projects and large-scale investments that have taken place in Piraeus, by leading companies such as COSCO, SCD Group LTD and State Grid Europe Limited, as well as the three new Metro stations, have boosted demand.

At the heart of Piraeus' allure is its port, the primary port in Greece, among the largest passenger ports across Europe and one of Europe's closest ports to the Suez Canal-Gibraltar main shipping routes. Boasting railway connections throughout Central and Eastern Europe, this port flaunts the best spot of all Mediterranean harbors. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, thousands of Greek islands are easily accessible. This bustling gateway connects Greece with the rest of the world, driving economic growth and transforming Piraeus into an attraction pole for businesses, tourists, and investors.

An Elevated Way of Living

The city of Piraeus offers its residents more than just a home; it provides a holistic experience of wellbeing. Modernity, history, and maritime charm converge to create a unique lifestyle, making Piraeus a desirable destination for those seeking a dynamic and fulfilling way of living.

From stylish cocktail lounges to authentic Greek taverns, Piraeus caters to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Residents of Piraeus can enhance their lifestyle by indulging in the culinary pleasures of Mikrolimano and Zeas, immersing themselves in the lively nightlife of Kastella, and rejuvenating with leisurely strolls along the seaside promenade.

MIBS Group in the Heart of Piraeus Port

True to its commitment to excellence and top-level service, MIBS Group has expanded its footprint in Piraeus with two prime investments. Our latest flagship developments are strategically situated in the most prominent location of Piraeus Port, walking distance from all means of transportation, major cultural sites, and premium culinary experiences, ensuring that our developments contribute not only to the economic growth of Piraeus but also to the enhanced lifestyle of its residents. Both projects promise a luxurious living experience and present a lucrative investment opportunity, especially for those interested in the Greek Golden Visa program.

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Spread across 10 floors, Avra Residence II consists of 28 modern apartments that have been carefully designed with ergonomy and functionality in mind, taking maximum advantage of natural light and capturing magnificent views of the surrounding area and sea view.

Additionally, Avra Residence III consisting of 10 luxury apartments that stand out for their high-end amenities, offers an exquisite experience of modern living that blends seamlessly with the soul-stirring essence of Piraeus.

With Piraeus experiencing economic uplift and growth, properties like Avra Residence II & ΙΙΙ hold great potential for long-term appreciation and enhanced quality of life. Whether it's intended for personal residence or as part of a broader property portfolio, investing in such a property can be a strategic decision.

The city's exceptional mix of historical richness, commercial vitality, and contemporary lifestyle forms a dynamic environment that remains resilient through the ages, beckoning both future residents and investors to explore the potential of this emerging real estate hub.