We are delighted and proud to announce that MIBS is named among the Top 25 Global Investment Migration Developers for 2021 by the Uglobal Immigration Magazine. Our Outstanding performance is being recognized globally. We are committed to continue developing more unique projects adding value for our investors and the local communities.

Please find below our announcement in Uglobal magazine.

HQ: Athens, Greece

President/CEO: Elena Shiapani

MIBS Group is an Athens-based developer, investor, and operator of mixed-use real estate. With a focus on location and luxury living, it offers clients a combination of an ideal environment for property investment suitable both for income generation and self-living. It has been involved in the RCBI industry since the earliest days of the program with 100% success rate. Its team provides a full package of services and support through the whole process of property investment and acquisition of the Greek Golden Visa.

What new construction trends are you seeing in the global RCBI industry especially with the impact of COVID-19?

The main trend we see is that people are focused on the significance of living in a nice home. There is an increase in demand for higher quality properties, with environmental footprint, more in-house amenities, and the utilization of technology in marketing and deal-making with the usage of virtual reality, drones and live videos. More investors buy properties remotely and that made them pickier. They study the market better and choose reputable developers and great properties located in the best parts of the city. They also emphasize more on second homes, properties not only for investment, but to live in with their families.

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