Offering the whole range of real estate services, gives our partners and clients the ability to design their next step in Greece with a peace of mind. Thus, other than the property development of luxury living apartments, we offer a variety of after sales services adding value to the choice of our clients.

Many of our investors interested in Greece combine their investment property with the acquisition of the Greek Golden Visa. Along with our recommended corporate lawyers we provide a full package of immigration services to our clients and full support in their application procedure. Real estate management is something very demanding and in certain cases, it is what makes the real difference between investment and property purchase.

Our comprehensive property management is another one of the services we provide, adding great value to the choice of our property owners as we keep in perfect condition our property developments and offering a single point of contact to cater in the most efficient way our clients’ real estate investment.

Our property management services include property rental services and proper to each property development, we also offer a guaranteed rent scheme. At MIBS GROUP we have an answer and a solution to all of the questions a real estate investor has. Contact us and find out how we shall cater your request.

At MIBS Group we operate both as direct property developer, as well as provider of real estate consulting services covering the whole spectrum of real estate development: acquisition, construction, design, property management, immigration services and rentals.

While we directly invest in our projects, we also support our investors and clients in identifying financially advantageous development opportunities by evaluating and assessing all crucial parameters in order to deliver an integrated assessment of real estate development and its funding strategies.

Investment and Development

As a property developer we always look at acquiring new projects. We build or completely reconstruct unique plots, with creative facades and luxury interiors. Our goal at MIBS Group is to consistently innovate and heavily increase our property portfolio.

We achieve this by investing directly in our developments but also by providing education and (professional guidance) hands-on experience for investors wishing to become involved in the Greek market or for those looking at development opportunities without having to be heavily involved in the project.

Our expanded network of collaborators consisting of experienced architects, contractors, engineers and legal consultants acts effectively to deliver projects on time and within budget, providing great returns for joint ventures

Sales and Marketing

Marketing, sales and leasing for our portfolio is managed directly by our marketing and sales team from inception to completion. From predevelopment phase, we work with architects and designer to build stylish properties in alignment with current demands.

We provide as well this entire service to third parties, investors and developers who trust in our local team to fully handle their portfolio of assets. Our market knowledge and years of expertise have solidified our reputation over the past two decades, allowing us to manage properties from both local and international owners.

Property Management Services

At Mibs Group, Our aftersales-property management team will professionally manage your property either selected for personal use or for rental investment purposes, giving the owner a peace of mind that their property is being cared for to a very high standard.

We then offer a very professional management service to property owners, giving the owner a peace of mind that their property is being cared for to a very high standard.

According to each property's/development's specifications, we offer rental guarantee scheme.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the Property Management services at MIBS Group.

Immigration Services

Along with our suggested corporate lawyers, we seek to provide full assistance to our buyers in their Golden Visa application procedure.

To find out more about your Golden Visa application please get in touch with

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