There is a strong and passional team behind our success story which understands the needs of our clients in combination with the market condition. Our team is fully trained in different aspects of real estate services offering professional and accurate advices to our buyers. There is a team dedicated to design and construct our real estate developments across Athens, emphasizing in luxury real estate development and paying attention to the smallest detail both in exterior and interior design.

Our property consultants guide our home buyers through our property developments as well as our city, providing professional property advices and an answer to every request. A tour around Athens is necessary for foreign investors to feel the vibes of this great destination to invest.

Our immigration services experts, with the assistance of our recommended corporate lawyers, provide the necessary guidance and answers to the clients interested in the Greek Golden Visa. Our property management specialists take care of everything related to the good maintenance of our property developments as well as the property rental services.

MIBS GROUP operates in a multilingual and multicultural environment providing the necessary support in a variety of languages and with full respect to different traditions and cultures. Having perfectly catered a large number of requests from a big variety of foreign investors, our team is always available to assist.

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