• 8 apartments
  • 8 floors
  • Storage Rooms
  • Parking Spaces
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Acropolis View Project consists of a luxury collection of 7 two bedroom modern apartments and a breathtaking penthouse duplex of 3 bedrooms. The project is situated near Acropolis monument, the most touristic spot of Athens, next to the prestigious and exclusive urban area of Athens. 

Rising up to the 9th floor, the apartments are equipped with spacious balconies, parking spaces, storages, premium quality construction materials and highly advanced technological facilities.

The development enables its residents to enjoy a spectacular view, just a breath away from Acropolis that is standing high above the city: a monumental beauty built in homage to Athena, the goddess of wisdom literally a close up of the top corner of the Parthenon the key landmark of early Western civilization. Romantic or not, let yourself be captivated by the Athenian cityscape and admire stunning panoramic views of the city.

Welcome to the new era of a luxury living combining the classical with the modern, introduced by Acropolis View Project.