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November 2023 proved to be a month of enlightening explorations and invaluable connections for MIBS Group. As we look back on the dynamic journeys our team undertook, the excitement prevails.

Traveling to three different countries and participating in four different events, our team had the opportunity to explore all the latest trends in the real estate industry and to present at a global level the possibilities offered by Greece and the prospects for the further development of the Greek real estate market .

China calling!

MIBS Group voyage started early in November, as our team packed their suitcases for China, where we proudly participated as Sponsor at the prestigious Chengdu (Kunming) Summit, the annual grand forum of the Exit & Entry Industry. The summit was more than just an event – it was a vibrant platform for exchanging insights, exploring industry trends, and strengthening international collaborations.

Shortly thereafter, we immersed ourselves at the 22nd International Property & Investment Immigration Exhibition, held in Shanghai. Our participation was a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional real estate and investment immigration solutions. Insightful dialogues on investment immigration and the role of Greek Real Estate, along with networking and the showcase of our remarkable properties, defined an invaluable experience. MIBS Group team engaged with industry leaders, unveiled our latest projects, and explored opportunities for global collaboration.

Global Perspectives at 17th Global Citizenship Conference!

Strengthening our global presence, MIBS Group proudly sponsored the 17th Global Citizenship Conference held by Henley & Partners in the vibrant city of Dubai. This top-tier event in the investment migration sector provided a stage for our team to engage with thought leaders and delve into the future of global citizenship. True to our commitment for progress and staying at the forefront of an evolving real estate landscape, our CEO, Elena Shiapani participated in high-level, interactive discussions during the panel session: The latest trends in key real estate markets and emerging destinations.

“During last year Greece witnessed a substantial growth of 50% in Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), with 30% of it being allocated to the real estate sector. This validates the market's allure for capital investments and the attractiveness of Greek macro and real estate sector" Elena highlighted, giving the context of the real estate market in Greece and its future dynamics.

MIBS Group at the 2nd International B2C Conference in Turkey!

Finally, MIBS Group made its mark at the 2nd International B2C Conference organized by Bosco Conference in Turkey. This event was not only an opportunity to explore innovative business ideas and showcase our latest developments, but also a unique platform to share our expertise, and forge partnerships that transcend borders.

Our recent experiences reflect MIBS Group's commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, cultivating international connections, and consistently delivering excellence to our clients worldwide.

Stay tuned for more updates and news from the ever-evolving real estate world!